I- Innovation Leadership

I1-4:Innovation Leadership (Course) (I101)

How prepared are you to innovate? You … your team... your products... your organization?

The goal of this course is to grow your innovative knowledge – both with current and future endeavors. You will learn to develop your own strategies as well as those of your team, driving initiative, talent, and future opportunities.

Three Core Lessons
1- Innovation Best practices – Know the current innovation strategies – and learn how to continue to develop your own innovation best practices
2- Lead with Innovation - Develop a team that leads with innovation and initiative
3- Understand creative genius – Develop ideas that go beyond current mindsets and break molds on standard leadership styles

This course is recommended for:
- Leaders – that know to get ahead, you must plan ahead – innovate and develop your teams
- Analysts & SME’s – who want to become a bigger contribution to their organization through innovation
- Early Career Individuals looking to influence their peers, managers through current best practices in innovation

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Discover: A customer’s job to be done as it pertains to new and innovative practices
- Develop: Your team’s innovation skillset and initiative best practices
- Innovate: Lead collective genius to innovate

With this course, you will have access to:
- 1.5+ hours of lecture content and 4+ lectures
- Innovation Assessment to understand your knowledge of current innovation practices relative to other leaders
- Simple and easy to understand lectures on innovation best practices, what a customer really wants, collective genius, innovation leadership, job to be done framework, functional, social-emotional dilemmas in innovation, open innovation
  • Pre-Course Assessment
  • Pre-Course Assessment: Innovation Leadership
  • Courses
  • I1: eLearning Course: Introduction to Innovative Leadership
  • I2: eLearning course: Develop an Innovative Team
  • I3: eLearning Course: Innovate with the Collective Genius
  • I4: eLearning Course: Lead Open Innovation
  • Activities
  • Activity I1-1: Discover your job to be done
  • Activity I1-1: Worksheet - Discover your customers JTBD
  • Activity I2-1: Listen to trust
  • Activity I2-2: Find your intention
  • Activity I2-3: Use your intention
  • Activity I2-4: Challenge your people
  • Activity I2-5: Challenge the Status Quo
  • Activity I2-6: Challenge assumptions
  • Activity I2-6: Worksheet - Challenge Assumptions
  • Activity I3-1: Leading Creative Abrasion
  • Activity I3-2: Leading Creative Agility
  • Activity I3-3: Leading Creative Resolution
  • Activity I4-1: Understanding your Business Model
  • Activity I4-1: Worksheet - Understand your Business Model
  • Activity I4-2: Leverage Open Innovation
  • Activity I4-3: Balance Innovation Capabilities
  • Activity 14-4: Identify joint innovation opportunities
  • Discussion
  • I1: Job to be done (Discussion)
  • I2: Developing an innovative team (Discussion)
  • I3: Innovating with Collective Genius (Discussion)
  • I4: Lead Open Innovation (Discussion)
  • Post-course Assessment
  • Post-Course Assessment: Innovation Leadership
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed