E- Motivation

E1-4: Motivation Leadership (Course) (E101)

How motivated are you? Check your numbers and learn the basics on how to get others to accomplish your goals

Motivation is the cornerstone of a leader’s foundation – and often the one most overlooked. The goal of this course is to help you understand various motivation concepts and begin to think through ideas on how to influence others by giving them more of what they want – what motivates them.

Three Core Lessons
1- Influence others – Accomplish your goals through others by helping them accomplish their goals
2- Best path to a positive outcome – Understanding how to use one of three ways to accomplish any task or mission
3- Motivation Self-Assessment - How to recognize areas that motivate you – and those that don’t

This course is recommended for:
- Leaders – looking to take their leadership skills to the next level
- Individual Contributors – Who want to be able to understand what motivates them – and increase motivation in the areas they enjoy
- Early Career Individuals looking to influence their peers

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Have a basic understanding that motivation is the center of the employee’s work and the impact the leader has on the employee’s motivation
• Be equipped with practical knowledge to apply to individuals to get better daily and ongoing performance
• Know several methods for handling various motivational challenges from employees in different circumstances.

With this course, you will have access to:
- 1.5+ hours of lecture content and 4+ lectures
- Motivation Assessment to understand your ability to influence through motivating others relative to other leaders
- Simple and easy to understand lectures on Engagement Types, Career Anchors, Intrinsic/ extrinsic motivations, Reinforcement theory, Motivation Assessments & Application, Negative Motivation & its Alter Ego
  • Pre-course assessment
  • Pre-Course Assessment: Motivation
  • Course
  • E1: eLearning Course: Introduction to Motivation
  • E2: eLearning Course: Motivation Bedrock
  • E3: eLearning Course: Motivation Application
  • E4: eLearning Course: Motivation Full Circle
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Post-Course Assessment: Motivation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed