C- Delegation & Organization

C1-4: Delegation & Organization (Course) (C101)

A good leader can’t do it all. How well do you get it done... AKA... Delegate?

Mintzberg designated 3 levels of leadership – administrative, interpersonal and conceptual management – as a way of looking at layers of challenges when working with people.

One of the most difficult challenges on the administrative side is understanding how to delegate. A leader can’t do it alone – otherwise, he/she would be an individual contributor! Understanding when to push work to others – for the betterment of them, you and the team, in general, is a goal of this introductory course.

Three Core Lessons
1. Understanding your Why – you can’t ask anyone else to do something if you don’t truly understand why you’re doing it
2. Proactive as a rule – Making nearly every situation into one you’ve already planned, preventing extra work and reactive problems
3. Delegating through red tape – How to manage the grind of daily, weekly, monthly meetings – scrapping the extra and focusing on what counts – every time

This course is recommended for:
- Leaders – looking to significantly increase the amount of work they can cover with their team
- Individual Contributors – Who want to be able to delegate work to their peers or other departments in the most effective and unconstructive way possible
- Early Career Individuals looking to influence their peers through sharing their vision with their team and delegating accordingly

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Communicate your Why to your team and motivate them to achieve organizational goals
• Establish a positive working culture
• Recognize barriers to success
• Delegate responsibilities more effectively

With this course, you will have access to:
- 1.5+ hours of lecture content and 4+ lectures
- Unique Delegation & Organization Assessment to understand your ability to recognize conflict styles relative to other leaders
- Simple and easy to understand lectures on being a Change Agent, maintaining a positive work culture, removing barriers to success in your organization, delegating effectively
  • Pre-Course Assessment
  • Pre-Course Assessment: Delegation & Organization
  • Course
  • C1: eLearning Course: Becoming a Change Agent
  • C2: eLearning Course: Building tools: Relationships, Delegation & Trust (clone)
  • C3: eLearning Course: Feedback & Difficult Conversations
  • C4: eLearning Course: Accountability (clone)
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Post-Course Assessment: Delegation & Organization
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed