B- People Management

B1-4: People Management (Course+SME) (B102)

Don’t just lead – manage your people well

The goal of this course is to balance your two jobs – as a manager and a leader – of your employees. You will understand HR best practices and use them to enhance your skills in managing the needed but sometimes tedious processes needed to best fulfill your objectives for your organization.

Four Core Lessons
1- Administrative leadership – Understanding the differences between leading and managing; combining both for better results
2- People management – Best practices to reducing paperwork, increasing efficiency on areas of administrative need
3- Development of leadership from the best HR practices: Developing knowledge of benefits, HR & employment laws
4- Building your team – tools for managing through both performance & engagement

This course is recommended for:
- Leaders – looking for the right balance of management and leadership for effective day to day accomplishments
- Experienced Professionals who want to proactively manage leaders and employees alike
- Analysts & SME’s – who want to find new ways to manage their peers as well as manage up
- Early Career Individuals looking to influence their peers, managers to clearly manage their tasks

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Develop your organizational skills so you can effectively lead others
- Understand the role of HR and how it can help you as a manager
- Learn tips/techniques for building your team, and developing your culture
- Learn strategies to develop your team as they pursue organizational and personal goals

With this course, you will have access to:
- 2.0+ hours of lecture content and 4+ lectures
- People Management Assessment to understand your ability of influencing through communicating relative to other leaders
- Simple and easy to understand lectures on managing paperwork, management vs leadership, Employee benefits, employment laws, HR practices; organization culture, the employee supply chain, building your team, performance & engagement
- 15+ Activities, Simulations and Examples to prepare your skills in Managing People
- Feedback from a highly-experienced Leadership SME (Subject Matter Expert) that will focus on your areas of strength, and give you suggestions on areas of opportunity
- Bonus content: Tools, references and other sources to develop your communication skills
- Bonus content: Meet with other individuals through discussion board conversation to broaden your understanding through shared experiences, feedback and stories
- Bonus content: A Leadership 9 Box (L9B) Certification that you can immediately post on LinkedIn to prove your skills as a Leader in Communication
  • Pre-course Assessment
  • Pre-Course Assessment: People Management
  • Course
  • B1: eLearning Course: Managing Paperwork
  • B2: eLearning Course: Human Resources Essentials
  • B3: eLearning Course: Building Your Team
  • B4: eLearning Course: Team Engagement & Performance
  • Activities
  • Activity B1-1: Leaders, paperwork & best practices
  • Activity B1-2: Testing your "paper manager" skills
  • Activity B2-1: HR Functions: How the work is done
  • Activity B2-2: Leaders of HR
  • Activity B2-3: Leadership: A legal view
  • Activity B3-1: Culture
  • Activity B3-2: Hiring & Interviewing
  • Activity B3-3: Exit & Termination
  • Activity B4-1: Training
  • Activity B4-2: Engagement
  • Activity B4-3: Results
  • Discussion
  • B1: Managing Paperwork (Discussion)
  • B2: HR Essentials (Discussion)
  • B3: Building your team (Discussion)
  • B4: Team Engagement & Performance (Discussion)
  • Additional Information
  • B1: Toolkit & References
  • B2: Toolkit & References
  • B3: Toolkit & References
  • B4: Toolkit & References
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Post-Course Assessment: People Management
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever