D- Communication for leaders

D1: Introduction to Communications (Try it! Course) (D100)

Find out your Communication Score!
The goal of this Try It! course is to help you understand your communication ability and to demonstrate the opportunity of completing the full Communications for Leaders – either Course Only (D101) or Course + SME (Subject Matter Expert) – D102
Two Core Lessons
1- Communication Self-Assessment - How to recognize your communication ability
2- Influence others – Convince colleagues to change their minds

This Try It! course is recommended for:
- Leaders – looking to boost their leadership skills
- Analysts & SME’s – who want to communicate complicated information and data to others that are not as informed in your subject areas
- Early Career Individuals looking to influence their peers, managers to clearly get the message across to accomplish their tasks

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Recognize your own communication style as well as the communication style of others
- Be able to recognize poor forms of communication and develop ways to clearly get your message across every time.

With this course, you will have access to:
- Communication Assessment to understand your ability of influencing through communicating relative to other leaders
- Simple and easy to understand lectures on Elements of Speaking at work, Getting the message across
  • Pre-Course Assessment
  • Pre-Course Assessment
  • Course
  • eLearning Course: Introduction to Communications
  • Activities
  • Activity 1- Circle Assessment
  • Activity 2- Communications Today
  • Activity 3- Stories through Demonstration
  • Activity 4- Share it forward
  • Discussion
  • Discussion
  • Circle Assessments
  • Communications Circle Assessment 1
  • Communications Circle Assessment 2
  • Communications Circle Assessment 3
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed